Totem Resorts is a family owned and operated 5 Star Fishing Resort on Lake of the Woods, Ontario

We specialize in 5 All Inclusive Fishing packages. There are 4 properties under the Totem Resorts name; Totem Lodge, Yellowbird Lodge, Wiley Point Lodge and French Portage Outpost. 

Please check us out at totemresorts.com for more information.  

We operate a fleet of 100 boats and purchase all new engines each year. We sell our pre-owned engines independently. All our engines are operated in fresh water and are only operated by professional fishing guides. 

Our service technicians are BRP/Evinrude certified and all engines are sold in excellent running condition. The engines are also buffed, polished and perfectly cleaned before sale.

There is NO rock or skag damage on any of our engines. All motors come with history diagnostics reports and are serviced by a certified BRP/Evinrude Mechanic prior to sale.